How to Craize

Traditions are always present constantly adapting to our circumstances.

Throughout our discovery in how to create a very unique snack, we’ve stumbled upon obstacles, variables, and “Aha!” moments that have led us to this day. We’ve worked hard on transforming our roots into a delicious and distinctive edible reality. 

In Latin America, there are vivid and intense colors that live on every corner of every city. Small houses that are extremely close to each other, some are red, some are orange, green or yellow, but they all have one thing in common: dreams of unknown possibilities that reside in each one of them.

That is Craize in a nutshell.

A million houses with passionate people inside who are the example of perseverance, passion, and heritage. We are a family filled with color and joy. We have managed to turn that vision into a circular, very crunchy, and kind of unconventional cracker that gives everyone the opportunity to get a taste of the Latin culture. This cracker represents us, as we have also transformed ourselves so we can live anywhere in the world, while never forgetting where we come from. We’ve evolved our authentic flavors into a cracker that can be enjoyed by everyone. Craize creates Limitless Possibilities for each of our consumers and our team.