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Mix & Match Maize Thins
arepa crisps

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Product Description

Choose and combine your favorite Craize flavors!

All your favorites are a delicious evolution of a basic staple that enhances today’s lifestyle. Craize arepa crisps are healthygluten free, vegan, soy free, kosher certified, all natural and most of all yummy!

These delicious arepa crisps are super crunchy and you may enjoy them by themselves or with a topping either sweet or salty. Let your imagination you’re your preferred flavors delight you!

5 Guava Maize Thins arepa crisps = 120 Calories / 1.5g Total Fat / 7g sugars
5 Coco Maize Thins arepa crisps = 130 Calories / 5g Total Fat / 7g sugars
5 Roasted Maize Thins arepa crisps = 90 Calories / 1g Total Fat / 1g sugars
5 Sweet Maize Thins arepa crisps = 100 Calories / 1g Total Fat / 4g sugars
5 Plátano Maize Thins arepa crisps =110 Calories / 2.5g Total Fat /6g sugars
5 Seeded Maize Thins arepa crisps = 120 Calories / 3.5g Total Fat /2g sugars