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Arepa Crisps | A History of the Arepa

January 31, 2019

Arepas have a very rich history in the region of South America that is now Venezuela and Colombia. Here is a short history of one of the most popular foods in South America and around the world.


The Arepa is a pre-Columbian dish that is approximately 3,000 years old. Archeological projects in the area have uncovered the instruments used to make them as well as stone slabs for cooking. Out of the many foods now popular in Colombia and Venezuela, the Arepa is one of the few remaining traditions from before contact with Europeans. Arepas are now considered a staple in these regions, being eaten as a side with meals through the day and sold on street corners.

Regional Differences

Over time the Arepa has transformed in coordination with local tastes. In Colombia alone, there are over 75 different ways of preparing Arepas, and even more combinations of fillings. In both countries, many people have begun splitting them in half and filling them with various meats and cheeses. They have even since been adapted for mass production and sale in grocery stores. According to research, the average Venezuelan will eat nearly 30 kilos of corn flour yearly.

Arepa Crisps

Craize Corn is changing the way snacking is done by making the iconic Arepa into a crispy and crunchy cracker with many possibilities for toppings. Find some at your local supermarket and see why Craize is becoming so popular.